Tesla produces enough battery cells for 1,000 Cybertrucks a week


Tesla has confirmed that it has ramped battery cell production enough to 1,000 Cybertrucks a week at Gigafactory Texas.

The automaker hasn’t been releasing many details about its effort to ramp up its own battery cell production at Gigafactory Texas.

At first, it was 4680 cells for the Model Y, but with the start of Cybertruck production, Tesla switched production to a new version of the cell for the electric pickup truck.

During its last earnings call, Tesla’s SVP of energy engineering, Drew Baglino, said that battery production is not a bottleneck in Cybertruck’s production ramp and that Tesla even has weeks of battery inventory.

However, we don’t know how many Cybertrucks Tesla is currently producing – though it seems to have ramped production with sometimes several hundred Cybertrucks spotted coming out of the Austin factory.

Today, Tesla gave us an interesting new data point by confirming that it produced enough 4680 cells last week to produce over 1,000 Cybertrucks:

Cybertruck has a battery pack of about 123 kWh, which means that Tesla produced more 123 MWh last week.

It would extrapolate over 6 GWh of annual battery cell production.

But overall production capacity is one thing. There have been reports pointing to Tesla having issues not only ramping up 4680 cell production but also meeting the specs originally announced when unveiling the new cell.

We recently reported that Tesla hired a semiconductor manufacturing expert to help with battery cell production at Gigafactory Texas.