World needs Republican back in White House, Liz Truss says


Liz Truss has said the world “needs a Republican back in the White House”, adding that “we’ve seen Joe Biden asleep at the wheel”.

In a speech near Washington, DC, the former prime minister did not mention Donald Trump, the former president who is the front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination.

Speaking to GB News, Ms Truss also said Mr Biden “needs to be kicked out” of the White House.

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Ms Truss was speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual conference which aligns with the right of US politics.

Mr Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump was one of those speaking ahead of Ms Truss, and the former president is set to speak to the gathering on Saturday.

This year, the event was taking place in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

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Speaking about the presidency, Ms Truss said: “Of course we need a Republican back in the White House.”

“It isn’t just America that needs it desperately, we need it desperately right across the free world, because you are the leaders of the free world, like it or not.”

She said Republicans were also needed in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

But these Republicans “need” to be prepared to fight and “not cave in to the establishment”.

Donald Trump is set to appear at CPAC. Pic: AP

During her speech, Ms Truss complained about how her attempts to rule the UK were foiled by “the left”, backed by Iran, Russia and China.

She also claimed the West has been run by the left “for too long”. The Conservatives have been in government in some form in the UK since 2010.

But Ms Truss claimed that the left “did not accept” that they had lost at the election and “weaponised” things like the judicial system.

She also attacked the OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility), Bank of England, International Monetary Fund and Mr Biden for attacking her economic plans, which threatened to collapse the UK pension markets.

The former prime minister received a laugh when she joked about how insulting it was to have her economics insulted by the creator of “Bidenomics”.

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At one point, Ms Truss said her attempts to disrupt were unsuccessful – but not because they went too far.

Instead, she said Conservatives “need a bigger bazooka” in order to deliver.