Nissan updates commercial van line with 87 kWh battery and 286 mile range


Nissan is taking the fight to the Ford e-Transit electric van by upgrading its full size commercial van lineup with — for the first time ever! — a fully electric powertrain and two different battery sizes (in Europe, anyway).

Nissan says its all-new Interstar-e is designed to meet the diverse and specific needs of businesses by prioritizing efficiency, maximizing capability, and putting customers’ comfort and well-being front and center. The company says its design thatm “exudes a truck feel, its assertive front grille enhances the commanding presence of the vehicle.” Something that’s sure to play well both in Europe and North America, if Nissan gets smart and brings it over, that is.

If they do, we’ll get a proper, 87 kWh battery providing a range of over 286 miles — more than enough for drivers to reach client after client without having to worry about charging up during a regular shift. If they need to roam a bit further, however, Nissan offers sufficient DC fast charging capabilities to add 160 miles in just 30 minutes.

A shorter-range version of the new Nissan Interstar with a 40 kWh battery will also be available with “just” 124-ish miles of range designed for Level 2 AC depot charging that will take the van’s battery from from 10-100% charge in just under 4 hours.

“Nissan’s next-gen Interstar is the ultimate ally for essential businesses that keep society running,” says Nicolas Tschann, Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Director, Nissan Europe. “With an all-electric version, increased load capacity, and a diverse range of conversion options, we’re delivering exactly what our everyday champions – the SMEs of the world – need to keep society running smoothly!”

Nissan says that the largest, 4 ton version of its new Interstar-e offers a payload of 1.6 tons (~3,525 lbs.) can be driven across Europe with a regular driving license, allowing its customers access to a payload larger than more common 3.5 ton diesel Transit vans. Optioned up, the Interstar-e offer a maximum towing capacity of 2500 kg (~5,500 lbs.), offering superior towing capabilities as well as more interior capacity.

Compared to Nissan’s outgoing model, thew new Interstar is about 4 inches longer with a side door opening that’s 40 mm (about 1.5″) wider. Despite being every bit as big, Nissan says the new model is 20% slipperier, thanks to some aerodynamic tweaks and a flatter underbody. The new model also features Forward Emergency Braking, Drowsiness Warning, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and Trailer Sway Assist as standard.

Electrek’s Take

Nissan desperately needs to update its full-size NV commercial van offerings in the US. I don’t even think that’s an opinion — I’d argue that’s a fact, and Nissan has fumbled its early electrification need so badly that even a state-of-the-art, class-leading electric van with more range, faster charging, and better payload/towing capacity may not be enough to catch up to Ford, Ram, and Rivian … but it’s a great place to start!

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