Jaguar Land Rover delays two EVs as first electric Range Rover rolls out this year


Jaguar Land Rover is pushing back the launch of two key electric models amid “surprising” demand for its plug-in hybrids. The announcement comes as the company is seeing strong interest in the first electric Range Rover after orders opened in December.

Jaguar Land Rover delays two new EVs

After reporting strong third-quarter fiscal sales, JLR revealed it was now aiming to launch four new EVs over the next two years.

Land Rover initially said in 2021 that it would launch six all-electric vehicles across the Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender brands by 2026. CEO Adrian Mardell said, “We are a little bit slower than we said three years ago,” on the company’s earnings call.

Mardell said the company is taking its time to “make sure that we put the best vehicles we have ever developed.”

Land Rover delaying its EVs comes after seeing strong interest in its first electric Range Rover. Since opening orders for the first electric Range Rover in December, JLR says over 16,000 buyers have joined the waitlist.

JLR calls it the “most refined Range Rover ever created.” It features new active road noise cancellation tech for a silent cabin.

(Source: Range Rover)

Range Rover says it will include towing, wading, and all-terrain tech that will “surpass any other luxury electric SUV.” This will include wading through up to 850 mm (33.5″) of water, topping the GMC Hummer EV (32″).

The company announced electric Range Rover prototypes are being put through its “most rigorous” testing program ever. An all-electric Range Rover Sport is set to follow, both based on its MLA platform used for ICE and PHEV versions.

(Source: Range Rover)

Meanwhile, the following two models will be smaller and built on its upcoming EMA platform. It will replace the platform used for the current Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sporty, both due for EV upgrades.

The Range Rover Velar is another option to go all-electric, although JLR has yet to confirm. An electric Defender is expected to roll out after JLR said it would be built at its Slovakian plant in October.

(Source: Range Rover)

Jaguar is also due for a relaunch next year. Its first EV will be a four-door GT with prices upwards of $126,000 (100,000 pounds). A second electric Jaguar is in the works.

Mardell suggested the smaller EMA EVs will launch a year after the two electric Range Rovers. Jaguar’s electric models will follow.

Source: Automotive News

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