Abarth unveils the 600e – its most powerful vehicle to date, in a limited ‘Scorpionissima’ edition


Italian performance car specialist Abarth has just debuted a new all-electric model called the 600e as its bright purple “Scorpionissima” launch edition undergoes final testing ahead of a commercial shoot. Abarth shared its first image of the 600e, which promises to be its most powerful vehicle to date.

Abarth is a veteran rally and performance car manufacturer approaching 75 years of business. While the automaker began in sports cars, it has expanded into relationships with other Italian automakers – most prominently Fiat – since the 1950s.

While Fiat has since wholly acquired Abarth and now operates under the larger Stellantis umbrella, Abarth is still delivering unique, high-performance vehicles donning its recognizable scorpion badge using Fiat components.

Its latest creation is the Abarth 600e – an all-electric homage to the Fiat 600 from the 1950s and ’60s but with much more horsepower and an “evil” Hypnotic Purple tint on its limited production launch edition. Have a look.

Source: Stellantis

The Abarth 600e delivers 240 hp in a compact hatch

Per news from Abarth and Stellantis today, the automaker is giving the public its first look at the new 600e, with production beginning in Milan, Italy, soon following final testing. That production run will start with a limited run of 1,949 units of the launch edition 600e, called the Scorpionissima.

Abarth states its latest model was built to stand unique in the EV segment, equipped with a mechanical slip differential to offer fans of the brand fierce handling, stability, and traction. The vehicle also comes equipped with high-performance tires developed alongside the supplier to Formula E vehicles, so the 600e sounds like it has the makings to be a track car through and through.

When drivers get the 600e on the track, they can take full advantage of the EV’s 240 horsepower available in the Scorpionissima version. While Fiat has confirmed it is bringing the all-electric 500e back to the US, Abarth is sharing no such plans so far. In fact, Abarth isn’t sharing many other details at this time but promised more to come.

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