Tesla drops Model Y price in Canada, now access up to $12,000 rebate in Quebec


Tesla has dropped the price of the two base Model Y trims in Canada, which now means buyers of the popular Model Y AWD could get up to $12,000 in rebate in Quebec.

This could be big as the Dual Motor version of the electric SUV is popular in the cold region.

In an overnight update of its online vehicle configurator, Tesla has slashed the price of Model Y in Canada.

The Model Y RWD, the base model of the electric SUV, now starts at $53,990 CAD – down $4,000.

The Model Y Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Long Range also received a $4,000 price cut. It now starts at $63,990.

$54,000 is a new low price for the popular SUV, which is eligible for $5,000 federal rebate – resulting in a starting price of just $49,000 CAD.

On top of it, several provinces offer additional rebates on top of that.

Speaking of provincial rebates, Quebec has long been the most generous when it comes to encouraging EV sales and it offers a $7,000 rebate, which can be stacked on top of the federal one. This means that the Model Y starts at $42,000 CAD in Quebec now.

But maybe more importantly, the Model Y AWD is now cheaper than $65,000, which is the price threshold for an EV to be eligible for the Quebec incentive.

The vehicle hasn’t been added to the list of eligible vehicles yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be added in the coming days as the price drop just happened.

Electrek’s Take

This could generate a lot of demand. People are moving fast to electric vehicles in Quebec, but buyers do like AWD and longer range to face the tougher climate.

I have heard of many people considering the electric SUV, but many were frustrated that it was just short of getting access to the incentive. Even people who can afford sometimes decide not to go for it since they feel like they are leaving money on the table.

Now, I expect a surge in Model Y orders in Canada, and especially in Quebec.