Porsche teases sleek upgraded Taycan EV ahead of spring debut in new video


Porshe’s first EV, the Taycan, is getting an upgrade. The revamped Porsche Taycan EV is being put through its final stages of testing. Check out a sneak peek of the new model in Porsche’s latest video.

After hitting the market in 2019, Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle quickly became a top seller. By 2021, the Taycan was outselling the iconic Porsche 911.

However, that was over two years ago, and the EV market has advanced greatly. The Taycan is still a fantastic EV that’s fun to drive and functional for everyday use. But to keep up with rivals like Tesla’s Model S and the Lucid Air, Porsche is taking it up a notch.

The new Taycan has been spotted a few times testing at the Nürburgring, but this is the first time Porsche has teased the upgraded EV in a different environment.

A pre-series version of the new Taycan lapped the Nürburgring in 7:07:55 earlier this month. That’s 18 seconds faster than the Tesla Model S time of 7:25:31 set last summer.

New pre-series Porsche Taycan lapping the Nurburgring (Source: Porsche)

Porsche and Tesla have been going back and forth with the title since the Taycan topped the record in 2019. Two years later, Tesla’s Model S Plaid beat it with a 7:35:579 lap time. Porsche took the title a year later before Tesla stole it back this summer.

As the head of the model line, Kevin Giek, explained, the pre-series Taycan time puts it “in the same league as electric hypercars.”

The time puts the new Taycan (pre-series) a little over two seconds behind Rimac Nevera’s record of 7:05:298.

New Porsche Taycan during final stages of testing (Source: Porsche)

Porsche teases upgraded Taycan EV during final testing

Porsche has put the new Taycan sports sedan, Cross Turismo, and Sport Turismo models through 2.2 million (3.6 million km) test miles.

The upgraded EV has been tested on proving grounds, racetracks, and public roads globally. Porsche tested the new Taycan in the most extreme conditions, from California’s Death Valley, where it’s +127 F (53C), to north of the Finish Arctic Circle.

New Porsche Taycan during final stages of testing (Source: Porsche)

Porsche said the new model showed “exceptional driving dynamics on snow and ice.” The upgraded Taycan proved itself on frozen lakes and deep snow

Giek claims the new Taycan is “Faster, higher, further.” He said, “We have improved the new Taycan in practically every discipline compared to its predecessor.”

Upgraded Porsche Taycan EV testing (Source: Porsche)

According to Giek, all three trims will come with “extensive modifications,” including an off-road package for the Taycan Cross Turismo.

Once the new Porsche Taycan rolls out in a few months, it will have been tested in 17 countries to ensure “day-to-day usability under all climatic conditions.”

Porsche will launch the new Taycan EV this spring. Like Porsche’s other releases, we expect new details to trickle out until launch. Check back for more info on the new EV.

Source: Porsche

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