Tesla starts detecting speed cameras – Waze-like service?


Tesla is starting to roll out a new feature to warn drivers about speed cameras in cars. Is a Waze-like system finally coming?

For years now, we have been wondering why Tesla doesn’t implement some kind of Waze-like system inside its vehicles.

There are now millions of Tesla owners on the road.

With a waze-like system inside the vehicle’s navigation system, Tesla owners could share crowdsourced-data about the roads.

In 2018, Tesla started in that direction with automatically crowdsourced traffic data in its vehicles – much like Waze.

We thought the automaker would keep introducing more similar features, but it stopped there.

Now, Tesla is starting to bring other features that have been made popular by Waze.

Tesla hacker Green spotted a change in a recent software update (2023.27.12) that indicates Tesla is deploying “speed camera awareness” in its navigation system:

It remains to be seen exactly how the feature is going to be implemented in Tesla vehicles.

Furthermore, Tesla has been trying to release more driver monitoring features lately, like tracking driver drowsiness.

Now, the automaker is also apparently addressing people trying to get around those features. Green wrote about the latest update:

“The cabin cam driver monitor now assesses “driver liveliness” (as a ploy to defeat using static pictures to fool the driver monitor it seems?) – this was in AP code for some time and is now finally finding its way to UI.”

Again, these features are not in the official release notes, but they are being worked on in the background and expected to be activated soon.

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