Jeep retires its cheapest vehicle as it gears up for an EV offensive in the US


The Jeep Renegade will sail off into the sunset after the 2023 model year. Jeep’s cheapest vehicle will be discontinued as the brand joins the EV race in North America.

Jeep introduced the Renegade in the US in 2015. Starting at $29,445, the Renegade is Jeep’s cheapest model.

Despite selling over 106,000 units in 2016, the model has fallen out of favor. Sales have slipped every year, with just over 27,500 units sold last year.

Jeep has only sold 12,561 Renegade models this year, down 35% from 2022. It’s now the brand’s worst-selling vehicle, apart from the higher-profit Grand Wagoneer.

A Jeep spokesperson told Automotive News that the brand plans to drop the Renegade from its lineup after the 2023MY. It will be retired in the US and Canada as “the brand focuses its resources on SUV segments in North America that continue to grow,” the spokesperson said.

It will continue to be sold in other markets like Mexico, Europe, and South America, “where the Jeep Renegade is core to our business.”

The news comes after Jeep dropped its Cherokee model earlier this year. The Jeep Compass, starting at $29,995, will become the brand’s cheapest vehicle.

2024 all-electric Jeep Recon EV (Source: Stellantis)

Jeep drops its cheapest vehicle as it enters the EV race

Jeep is retiring its cheapest vehicle at a critical time. The brand is launching its first all-electric vehicles next year in the US as it looks to revamp its lineup.

The first Jeep EVs to arrive will be the Recon and Wagoneer S. Jeep’s Recon is inspired by the legendary Wrangler model. The Recon is a “rugged and fully capable electric SUV.” It will include Wrangler-like options such as removable doors and windows.

The Recon “has the capability to cross the mighty Rubicon Trail,” according to Jeep’s North America boss Jim Morrison. Better yet, it will “reach the end of the trail with enough range to drive back to town and recharge.”

Jeep Recon Moab 4xe (source: Jeep Recon Forum)

We saw our first glimpse of the 2024 Jeep Recon Moab 4xe after images leaked out of an event in Las Vegas.

The next Jeep EV will be the Wagoneer S. Jeep’s largest SUV is going all-electric with 600 hp and long-range capabilities. The brand says its luxury electric SUV can travel from NYC to Toronto on a single charge (approximately 490 miles, according to Google Maps).

Jeep is also planning for an electric version of its iconic Wrangler. The electric Wangler is due out in 2028, as outlined in the company’s new UAW agreements. It will be built at Jeep’s Toledo Assembly Complex.

Ahead of the Wrangler EV will be an electric version of its Grand Cherokee in 2027. The Grand Cherokee EV will be built at its Detroit Assembly complex, but no other details were mentioned.

Jeep plans to offer an electrified (including hybrid) version of every model in the US by 2025.

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