Ford and Xcel energy are installing 30k almost-free chargers for fleet customers


Ford Pro and Xcel energy will collaborate to deploy 30,000 EV charging ports for commercial customers by 2030, and the best part is that qualifying business customers can get most upfront costs of this infrastructure offset by Xcel Energy.

Ford Pro is Ford’s commercial vehicle arm, selling vehicles and fleet services to business customers. Xcel energy is a utility company that serves customers in 8 states: Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.

Today the two companies have announced a new collaboration, which they call “30×30,” to install 30,000 chargers by 2030. The effort starts in 2024 for customers in Colorado and Wisconsin, and will come later for customers in other states.

One of the biggest issues for commercial customers right now, rather than range or vehicle availability, is charging questions. Fleet customers often know how far their vehicles will travel every day, so range is less of an issue since it’s a known quantity.

But charging can be more difficult for a company to wrap its head around. The cost of infrastructure can be expensive, especially when dealing with the high wattages required by commercial customers.

A number of utilities have programs to help ease installation of chargers for commercial customers (Xcel is one of them), but this collaboration between Xcel and Ford Pro will help to link up Ford Pro’s customers with Xcel Energy’s programs to assist with charger installation.

We’re so excited to work with Ford Pro on the 30-by-30 collaboration. And this initiative really marks the very first time that a vehicle manufacturer and utility provider are teaming up to provide EV charging solutions to businesses at little or not cost to them.

Under this program, qualified Xcel Energy business customers will have the upfront costs of EV charging infrastructure and installation offset by Xcel Energy’s program. In fact, Xcel Energy will cover most costs relating to charging infrastructure installation and maintenance services for fleet customers.

Together with Ford Pro, we will streamline the process businesses to acquire the vehicles, charging equipment and support they need.

Amanda Rome, Executive VP and Chief Customer Officer, Xcel Energy

Xcel has previously announced that it hopes for one out of every five vehicles in its service areas to be electric by 2030, and the 30×30 plan will help it to reach that goal.

Ford Pro says that this is only the first program of its kind, and that it is “looking for further relationships with utilities today to help further this EV transition.”

Electrek’s Take

Programs like these are a really big deal for helping commercial customers get onboard with the EV transition.

Right now, commercial customers are scrambling, especially here in California, to try to figure out how to install chargers before big commercial truck electrification deadlines come into place. Some CA utilities have offered programs like these, but a collaboration between commercial vehicle producers and a utility to streamline the process could help fleets who are scrambling to figure out what they need and how to get it and when.

This program isn’t available in California, but for the areas where it is made available, and potentially in more states if Ford Pro or other commercial vehicle suppliers implement similar programs, this could be a great place for businesses to start and get the answers and support they need for charging questions.

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