Tesla spotted driving Cybertruck into ocean after claiming it will float


Tesla was spotted driving Cybertruck into the water in the Gulf of Mexico after Elon Musk claimed it would float.

Elon Musk has made claims before about how Tesla vehicles could float and briefly serve as a boat.

They have never been taken too seriously as Tesla’s warranty says something different about taking the vehicle into the water.

But the CEO doubled down on the claim with the Cybertruck – for which it makes more sense since it is supposed to be an off-road vehicle.

Last year, Musk claimed Tesla Cybertruck would be “waterproof enough” to serve as a boat and cross rivers:

Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes and even seas that aren’t too choppy.

The CEO added that the goal is for a Cybertruck to be able to cross the water between SpaceX’s Starbase and South Padre Island in Texas:

Needs be able to get from Starbase to South Padre Island, which requires crossing the channel.

At the shortest, the crossing is about 360 meters (1,100 feet).

Now, Tesla appears to be testing the Cybertruck’s waterproof capability in the wild.

Reddit user u/ilyasgnnndmr shared a video of Tesla driving a Cybertruck prototype into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Port Aransas, Texas:

You can see that the truck is not going too deep into the water, but it could be testing for an actual crossing as this location is not too far from South Padre Island.

We should learn more about the Cybertruck’s level of waterproofing at the delivery event on November 30th.

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