Teachers and students stabbed by teenager at Spanish school


A teenager has stabbed three teachers and at least one student at a school in southern Spain, police have said.

The incident took place in Jerez de la Frontera, south-west of Seville, at 8.15am local time.

One of the teachers stabbed will need surgery, while three other victims suffered minor wounds, according to the health services.

Police said the attacker was arrested.

The attacker wielded two large knives from his backpack inside a classroom and attacked fellow pupils and teachers, telling them he would kill them, one student’s mother told Canal SUR.

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Speaking to Spanish news agency EFE, one student said the boy went “angry” in the classroom, adding: “Then he started to annoy everyone, even the teacher, who hit him in the eye.

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“He almost caught my friend and hit another friend in the forearm, and my physics and chemistry teacher in the head.”

Footage from local media showed parents surrounding the school gates following the attack.

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