Honda JV becomes the first foreign partnership to launch a new EV brand in China


Dongfeng-Honda, the Japanese automaker’s joint venture (JV) in China, launched a new electric vehicle brand, “Lingxi,” this week. With Lingxi, Honda’s JV became the first foreign partnership in China to launch a completely new EV brand.

Honda JV launches new “Lingxi” EV brand in China

Although several automakers, including Volkswagen, Toyota, and others, have joint ventures in China that have launched electric cars, Honda’s JV launched an entirely new EV brand.

Dongfeng-Honda said at the launch, “With a new electrified brand image, we are marching forward on the journey to transform into a ‘value-creating enterprise.’”

Pan Jianxin, deputy general manager of Dongfeng-Honda, explained at the event, “Lingxi aims to exceed user expectations and continuously provide fun new smart driving experiences.”

The design inspiration behind the new Lingxi brand logo comes from the “flying bird,” while “Lingxi Green” was chosen to represent its rich Chinese cultural heritage.

Honda’s Lingxi brand will use a new EV platform that will be unique from its current e:NS in terms of pricing and positioning. The company said the two “magic weapons” of the new “Lingxi intelligent platform” will be a new battery safety system and an immersive smart cockpit.

The brand also unveiled its first concept car, which is the first new EV by Dongfeng-Honda to be led by a young team of designers.

Honda vows the new EV brand will “ensure the same high quality and reliability” by integrating a strong localized supply chain system.

Dongfeng-Honda plans to lead the “new joint venture era” in the Chinese EV market using advanced concepts, technology, designs, and services. With the launch of Lingxi, Honda’s JV covers all major electrification segments, including EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs.

(Source: Dongfeng-Honda)

Dongfeng-Honda expects that by 2025, half of its products will be electrified as it works to launch over ten fully electric models by the end of the decade.

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