Tesla spotted shipping Cybertrucks by the truckload, some for crash tests


Tesla has been spotted shipping Cybertrucks by the truckload, at least two of them, and a few electric pickups seem to be destined for crash testing.

It feels like the Cybertruck program is really on the cusp of reaching production.

We were particularly excited when we saw that Tesla Cybertrucks are now coming out of Gigafactory Texas in numbers, with nine electric pickup trucks spotted parked outside the plant.

Now Tesla appears to have shipped out at least some of those trucks.

Two truckloads full of Tesla Cybertrucks were spotted in the wild:

The TikTok user said that his dad spotted the trucks and couldn’t say where.

But a little later, another truck with two Cybertrucks was spotted in Lonoke, Arkansas:

One of the trucks had some markings that would indicate in either was in a crash test or it is intended to be used in crash testing.

The trucks could be on their way up north toward Michigan, where there are many crash-testing facilities for vehicles.

The Cybertruck is currently going through its final validation testing for an imminent launch. Tesla is expected to hold a delivery event for the electric pickup truck at the end of the quarter.

Seeing a good number of trucks going around is a good sign that Tesla is progressing toward that goal.

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