Tesla launches new ‘universal wall connector’ that puts the charging world on notice


Tesla has launched a product: the Tesla Universal Wall Connector. The product is perfect for non-Tesla EV buyers in North America.

The product is inspired by Tesla’s Magic Dock, a new adapter integrated into Supercharger stations. The Magic Dock serves as the receptor for the Supercharger handle, but when unlocked by a non-Tesla EV owner, it sticks to the connector, gets out of the charging stall, and acts as a CCS adapter.

Now Tesla is doing the same thing, but for home charging and commercial level 2 charging.

It looks like a regular Tesla Wall Connector, but like the Magic Dock, it can become an integrated J1772 adapter:

Otherwise, it has all the same specs as Tesla’s regular home charging solution:

  • Up to 44 miles of range added per hour at 11.5 kW / 48-amp output
  • Integrated J1772 adapter to conveniently charge any electric vehicle
  • Auto-sensing handle to open a Tesla charge port
  • Monitor and manage your charging schedule and usage from the Tesla app
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and access controls
  • Versatile indoor/outdoor design
  • Variable amperage configurations depending on installation location
  • Power-share with up to six Wall Connectors
  • 24-foot cable length
  • Four-year warranty for residential use

At a $595 price point, the Universal Wall Connector is also not that much more expensive than Tesla’s other charger, which is also super competitive against non-Tesla home charging solutions.

Tesla says that deliveries are starting in October.

Electrek’s Take

This is going to put a lot of pressure on EV charging manufacturers in North America.

The move to NACS has already given Tesla a giant advantage since its home charging solutions are already much cheaper than competitors, but those competitors at least had a few years to adapt before automakers like Ford and GM fully adopt NACS in their EVs in 2025.

But now, this is becoming a much more attractive solution for non-Tesla EV buyers as they are future-proofing their charging solution.

If you are buying a non-Tesla EV from an automaker that has announced the transition to NACS, which is most of them at this point, it is frustrating to buy a J1772 charger knowing that it will only be good (at least without an adapter) for this car.

With Tesla’s new Universal Wall Connector, you can use it now and for the next few years with the dock/adapter, but it will also work for your next EV that will undoubtedly have NACS – regardless of if it’s a Tesla or not.