Tesla CEO Elon Musk discusses EV future with Ford CEO Jim Farley


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is going to discuss the future of electric vehicles with Ford CEO Jim Farley on a Twitter Spaces.

Musk has been pushing his Twitter Spaces feature over the last few weeks.

When being interviewed by CNBC earlier this month, he insisted that the interview also be live on the live chat platform powered by Twitter.

Yesterday, he also hosted Ron DeSantis’ official campaign announcement.

Now Tesla’s CEO announced that he will hold a talk with Ford CEO Jim Farley on Twitter Spaces at 5:30 PM ET. You can listen to the conversation live here:

Ford said that the two CEOs will discuss “actions they are taking to accelerate EV adoption in North America”.

It’s unclear if the two companies plan to make announcements or simply have a public discussion about electric vehicles.

Farley has had good words about Tesla and Musk over the years.

In an internal meeting in 2021, the CEO said that “no one does electric better” than Tesla.

However, more recently, he has been warning Tesla that the EV price war it started might lead to “a commoditization” of its electric vehicles.

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