The first images of the Baojun Yep (YueYe in Chinese) – a mini electric SUV made by a joint venture between GM, SAIC, and Wuling (SGMW) – have surfaced in China. The two-door compact SUV bears a resemblance to a Ford Bronco, only fun-sized.

GM JV’s mini electric SUV, the Baojun Yep spotted in China

The SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture (JV) is best known for the Wuling Mini EV, the best-selling fully electric vehicle in China in 2022.

Wuling Mini EV sales reached over 500,000 in 2022, accounting for nearly 10% of all pure electric vehicle sales in the rapidly expanding Chinese EV market.

The Wuling Mini began outselling Tesla in the Chinese market in 2021 after its launch the previous year, with an ultra-low starting price of just 28,800 yuan ($4,112). The small electric vehicle comes in 14 variants, with the smallest body size being 2920 mm long, 1493 mm wide, and 1621 mm tall.

Another mini electric vehicle is set to join the automaker’s lineup next month. According to Car News China, GM’s joint venture manufactures the Baojun Yep mini electric SUV, but it’s positioned under the automaker’s second brand, Baojun, which is viewed as a step up from Wuling.

The SUV will be a two-door plus trunk with the following size dimensions:

  • Length: 3381 mm
  • Width: 1685 mm
  • Height: 1721 mm

SAIC-GM-Wuling’s micro electric SUV will be roughly 2 feet (0.6 meters) shorter than the gas-powered Suzuki Jimmy, for which Suzuki recently debuted new EV concepts of its own.

With a single, rear e-motor, the GM-made EV will deliver 68hp maximum power output with a peak torque of 103 lb-ft (140 nm) and a top speed of 62 mph. A lithium iron phosphate battery provides a driving range of 188 miles (303 km) under CLTC conditions.

From the images, the Yep resembles the exterior of a rugged SUV like the Ford Bronco, but it’s much smaller in person.

The Yep mini electric SUV will make its official debut in April, with deliveries to begin in May.

Electrek’s Take

Can GM bring the mini electric SUV to the states? The Yep would be perfect for local trips, like to the beach, for example.

I know many love the bigger trucks and SUVs in the US, but a mini electric SUV may have a market. Interest in SUVs in the US continues to grow, and along with it, CO2 emissions. Despite rising EV sales, CO2 emissions from SUVs alone reached nearly 1 billion tonnes last year, according to the IEA.

A smaller, more efficient SUV can provide the perfect medium for those that want an SUV but don’t necessarily want to commit to something as big as what’s on the market today.