Tesla has decided to open direct Powerwall orders again after previously only making the popular home battery pack available with a solar power system.

Home battery packs have greatly gained in popularity in recent years. People have been looking for more energy security to counter power outages and to make better use of renewable energy, like rooftop solar. Home battery packs provide that.

Tesla Powerwall is by far the most popular home battery pack system and its popularity has led to a significant backlog of orders.

In 2021, Tesla even decided only to allow Powerwall orders when they are combined with a rooftop solar or solar roof order.

Two years later, Tesla has now changed its strategy and reopened orders for Powerwall by itself:

Tesla is now revealing new pricing for a Powerwall installation without solar – starting at $9,200 for a single Powerwall before taxes and incentives.

That’s directly from Tesla where the company can perform installations.

Of course, Tesla Powerwalls were always available separately through third-party installers, which has become an important segment for the company.

Electrek’s Take

This could point to Tesla finally starting to have better availability of the Powerwall. Last year, the automaker confirmed having ramped production to about 6,500 Powerwalls per week.

I have noticed an increased number of advertising from certified Powerwall installers, which would indicate that they have inventory.

Now with Tesla opening direct orders, it looks like Powerwalls are becoming easier to get… if you can pay the price.

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