As a little appetizer to its world premiere later this month, Kia has just posted two short teaser videos offering a brief but exciting glimpse at its upcoming EV9 – an all-electric SUV with a third row and the the makings of an EV able to compete with the premium Rivian R1S, likely at a lower price too. You can check out both videos below.

The Kia EV9 will emerge as the second all-electric model donning the Korean automaker’s new “EV” series nomenclature. It is preceded by the EV6 crossover, which hit the market last year and has been met with plenty positive feedback from consumers for its roomy interior and advanced charging tech thanks to Hyundai Motor Group’s 800V E-GMP platform.

Last summer, we were getting our first look at a camouflaged version of the EV9 prototype, but more recently, we’ve gotten some better looks… at least we think. In late January, a consumer survey revealed what we believe to be the expected specs of the Kia EV9, which could arrive in five, yes five, different trim options.

Just last week, we covered what appeared to be the first public sighting of the EV9, which very closely resembled the original concept that debuted back in November of 2021. Kia has yet to confirm any of the specifications or if the video is legitimate.

Understandable as it wants to keep consumers hungry to learn more ahead of the SUV’s official debut in a couple weeks. We will certainly need to wait until then, but for now, Kia has posted the video below, showing the EV9’s front and rear lights. Have a look.

Kia shares two new videos of the EV9 ahead of debut

What do you think? It’s short but sweet, but its clear there is some Hyundai Motor Group DNA present on the front end of the EV9. It looks like Kia has integrated its own version of the “Parametric Pixels” we point out in our walkthrough of the upcoming Hyundai IONIQ 6.

The taillights resemble those on its EV6 sibling, offering a sleek back end. It will be exciting to see more. Kia also shared a second video today that teases the overall silhouette of the EV9, offering an even better view at the SUV that again appears to closely resemble the original concept and the video footage we’ve seen out in the wild. You can view that video below.

For now, Kia states it will fully reveal both the exterior and interior of the EV9 in mid-march, followed by a full world premiere at the end of the month. Stay tuned!