Not one, not two, but three new Cadillac EVs are set to be revealed in 2023 as the automaker charges ahead with its plans for an all-electric lineup by 2030.

“We will be leaving this decade as an EV brand,” Rory Harvey, head of Cadillac, explained after unveiling the production version of its first fully electric vehicle, the Lyriq, in 2021.

Although the Lyriq is expected to play a pivotal role in Cadillac’s transition to electric, GM only sold 122 total units in 2022. The delivery total was especially disappointing after the early reaction, selling out in only 19 minutes last May.

GM didn’t release a specific number for how many “sold out” means, but the automaker reported around 233,000 people (it doesn’t mean they put money down, however).

A recent report from the Detroit Free Press suggested the slow rollout was deliberate to ensure quality for the customers. Cadillac engineers and specialists were required to inspect each Lyriq model before dealers could deliver them to customers.

During a business update Wednesday, Cadillac VP Rory Harvey explained the automaker would deliver 1,000 of them from their Spring Hill, TN facility by the end of the week. Harvey told reports:

The Lyriq ramp-up is on schedule, and indeed it will continue to ramp up as we go through the calendar year.

In addition, Harvey says all debut edition models will be delivered by the end of the first quarter without specifying how many that includes.

The software issues that led to a recall for 186 Lyriqs last year were part of the reason for the slow ramp, but now “everything is fixed,” according to Harvey, and production is ramping significantly.

As Cadillac accelerates toward an EV-only brand, the company will reveal three new EVs this year, not including the $300,000 hand-built, premium luxury Celestiq set to launch in December.

No other details were offered, but they will be revealed throughout the year and will go into production in 2024.

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