Tesla is again adjusting pricing for its electric vehicle in the US – making it the fourth time in just over a month.

It’s starting to be difficult to keep up with Tesla’s price changes lately.

As we previously reported, Tesla started the month by implementing drastic cuts across its entire EV lineup, with Model Y seeing the biggest cut of up to $13,000.

However, a few weeks later, the automaker adjusted the prices up on the Model Y by $500.

CEO Elon Musk indicated that more price increases may come as Tesla is adjusting to the demand the massive price cuts created.

Last week, we reported on Tesla adjusting Model Y prices up again while the Model 3 base price went down.

Now a week later, Tesla has again updated its online configurator with a few price changes.

The automaker has decreased the price of the base Model 3 by $500 again – now starting at $42,990:

The price of the Model 3 Performance has stayed the same and Tesla is still not letting people order or giving a price on the Model 3 Long Range.

CEO Elon Musk originally claimed that Tesla stopped taking orders for the specific trim due to high demand, but we have seen learned that Tesla is about to update the Model 3, which could explain the stop on new orders and the further price decrease as people might be reticent about placing a new order knowing that it might be updated soon.

As for Model Y, Tesla decided to increase the price of the Model Y Performance with the price adjustment update to the configurator today:

The Model Y Long Range, which is the base version for new orders, is still the same price – starting at $54,990.

While the Model Y Long Range is the base trim available to order, buyers can still get the Model Y Standard Range AWD as inventory vehicles when available. Tesla has also increased the price of that version. It’s now $500 more expensive – starting at $51,490.

Price increases generally mean that Tesla is seeing strong demand for a specific trim, but Tesla is still listing a quick delivery timeline by the end of March for a new Model Y Performance despite the price increase.

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